Is this site free to use?

Yes.  All site services are always FREE to job seekers.  This includes searching jobs, email agents, CV/Resume entry and access to online articles and resources.  Our revenue comes from the job posters who pay to place their jobs on the site and search the candidate database.

Do I have to sign up (register) to use the site?

No, but some things are not available to unregistered job seekers.  You do not need to register to search job postings.  All content of all job postings are visible to anyone visiting the site.  If you want to apply online to a job posting, or want to place your resume online for job posters to view you will be asked to register.

Is it easy to register?

Yes. Our rapid registration for job seekers takes about a minute (or less if you’re good on the keyboard). You’ll enter just enough information to create a professional profile. This is the basic information job posters told us they need to assess and contact job candidates.

Should I put my resume online?

Absolutely. Why should you do all the work? Everyday hundreds of job posters scan the resume database looking for candidates for their openings (many of which are not posted online). These employers are looking for candidates with certain experience, a particular specialization, specific certifications, state licensure and more. By entering this information online, you dramatically increase the likelihood that a job will find you.

Who can see my resume information?

Your personal and professional information is secure and not available to the public. Only employers and recruiters who have registered and been approved by the site are eligible to search the candidate database.

Is my information kept private? How?

Very. There are several privacy options available to control access to your information. You can restrict access to specific pieced of information or to your entire resume.  Leaving your resume active you may specifically restrict access to your name, postal address, email address or phone number. Employers can see your resume information but not see the items you restrict allowing you to control contact methods or make your resume anonymous. You can also make your resume inactive. This will prevent employers from seeing any part of your resume in the candidate database. This allows you to conduct job searches and apply online without employers contacting you. It is also good because you can leave your resume online for future use once you’ve found a job or stopped your job search.

Will you send me lots of emails or sell my email address?

Only if you authorize us to.  You set your communications options on the Options page. If you save a job search and turn on the email notification, we will send you and email letting you know when jobs matching your search are posted to the site. We will send you occasional administrative emails but in general we are a fairly low email site.

How long will my resume stay online?

We recommend you make this site a permanent home for your resume. When you are actively seeking or willing to be contacted about opportunities set your resume to Active.  When you’re not in the market for opportunities, change your resume access setting to Inactive. Your information stored and remains instantly ready for the next time you need a change, but is not visible to employers.  You can update it at any time with changes and new information keeping it prepped and ready for your next search.

Can I email my resume document as an attachment?

Yes. When you click the Apply Online button, your email application will open up. Using your email application features, attach your resume and any other documents you’d like to send to the potential employer.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you want to cancel your registration, email customersupport@MedCareers with your request. We’ll quickly remove all your information.

What happens if I change my email address?

Easy – click on the Post CV/Resume tab and go to the Personal Info page. Simply change the entry in the email address field and click save. Remember that your email address is used to login to the site. Be sure you use the new address when you next login to the site.

Do I have to Apply Online?

Of course not. Each job posting has the company information included at the end of the posting. Postal address, phone number, fax number and email address are displayed here. You decide how you prefer to contact the employer and go from there.

What exactly does Apply Online do?

When you choose to apply online, your email application will open automatically.  The email address of the employer will be placed in the To: field for you.  Information about the job posting will be placed in the Subject: line and a summary of your professional information placed in the text area to help the employer quickly assess your application.  You can include your message in the email and attach your resume or other items as attachments.

I clicked on Apply Online and nothing happened…

Occasionally the settings on your computer or the type/version of your browser may prevent the apply online feature from opening your email application.  The email address of the employer (if available) is displayed in the posting, simply copy the email address, open your email application and address your email by pasting the email address in the To: line.  If the email address is not displayed, contact Customer Support (customersupport@MedCareers or 800.307.1038) for assistance.

I forgot my login, can you help?

Contact Customer Support (customersupport@MedCareers or 800.307.1038) and we’ll be happy to help you out.

I remember my login but forgot my password, what do I do?

There is a link on the login page for forgotten passwords. Simply follow the instructions and your password will be sent to your registered email address immediately.

What if I want to change my password?

On the bottom of each page is a Change Password link.  Simply click that link (or the one in this text) and follow the instructions on the page.

What do I do if I’m in the middle of a page and have a question?

On the top right of every page is an icon that says .  Clicking on this icon will open our help files and take you to the help section relevant to the page you’re on.  You can read the help information without interrupting what you’re doing.

What are cookies and why does this site use them?

Cookies are little bits of information that are stored on your computer to help websites work more efficiently.  There are several types of cookies – our site uses cookies to speed the login process.  It allows your computer to remember your login information so that you don’t have to login every time you visit the site.  It is activated when you click the box in front of “remember me next time I visit”.  No personal information is stored in this cookie.

Do I have to have cookies turned on (enabled) to use the site?

It is preferred, we optimize the speed and service of our site using cookies.  If you have your browser's cookies turned off, you will not be able to use all of the advanced features of this site. Advanced features include maintaining your online resume / CV and saving searches. If you signed up but continue to be sent to this screen, your cookies may be turned off.

I have a question that is not answered on this page...

Call our Customer Support team at 800.307.1038 Monday – Friday, 9a – 5pm Eastern or email us at customersupport@MedCareers.

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